Enjoy the holidays and unplug for once.

I’ll admit this is a bit of a rant. I’m currently stuck at work on Christmas Eve and things I was expecting of today are the exact opposite of true. I expected a quiet work day with a handful of people contacting into support who either didn’t celebrate anything or really did have something that couldn’t wait till after the holiday. Well apparently in this day and age nothing can be put on hold for the holiday. Everything is an emergency and everything needs to be fixed. I even talked with someone who had a problem for months and decided that a holiday was the perfect day to take care of it. And all of these issues I’ve seen have either been minor annoyances or have been long term problems. When you contact into support or call up your developer for these kinds of things on a holiday, you take the time they can spend with their family from them so they can cater to your nitpicking whims.

Today is a day of celebration and a day to be with family. While employers expect you to work frequently, most people if given the choice would be home with their kids and family for the holiday. I can tell you right now, if I was able to choose between working and spending time with my family today, I would be with my family. So before you obsess over the one little not perfect thing and call into support or call a developer, seriously ask yourself what would happen if you left it until Monday? Would anything happen if it wasn’t fixed today and was fixed on Monday? Would you be out the hypothetical visitors to your site over the holiday weekend? If so then leave it until Monday and go enjoy your holiday and weekend.