Thoughts on Bad Site Design

I’m sure we’ve all been there. We see a link to something that looks interesting and then when we click it we are so lost we can’t figure out where the content we want is and what is ads and other click bait. I have seen these sites and ofter wonder who is to gain from such horribly designed sites?
I mean think about it, most of those sites bombard you with ads the second you arrive. That tends to turn your brain off from the site before you see the content because after clicking x on 2 ads most people are done.
The next thing is if you can’t find the content, what good is the web page? Do you just get clicks internally until people get frustrated trying to satiate their curiosity.
Here is the big kicker, what is the benefit of site design like this? You get a lot of quick traffic that likely never returns and spreads bad word of mouth about your site so others don’t go there. I’m not really a ux designer but are some of those basics so hard to grasp that if you clutter the main interface with ads and other content that you will drive away users?